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by Francesco Colafemmina

And so was launched this new surface-to-air missile from Sweden. Actually the propulsion of these days was a bit 'exaggerated compared to the size of the real missile. But that's it: newspapers have now something to speak about, or better to badmouth.

Let's go now to the transmission of Uppdrag granskning of September 23th. A brief episode that is supported just by the allegations made by HE Anders Arborelius and an unpleasant interview with Cardinal Kasper.

Theorem: in November, just after the recording of the interview with Williamson a report was prepared by the Diocese of Stockholm and sent to the Vatican through the Apostolic Nuncio for the Northern Countries Archbishop Emil Paul Tscherrig. In the Vatican, the report was lost up to the end of January. On January 21st the interview is broadcasted by SVT and on the 24th the decree is published, after a few crucial days in which they could remedy the issue of excommunication (maybe - this is what you can understand from the transmission - not revoking it). The main suspect in respect of this matter is Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos. So that the same transmission is entitled: "Kardinal".

Nothing new, then!

This was already revealed by the italian newspaper "Italia Oggi" on January 29th, 2009 proposing the "off the records" of Cardinal Re:

There is one question that in those few days travel across the Tiber, and that many are made on the high side of the river, especially in the palaces of the policy: maybe there is someone who has pulled Pope Benedict XVI, hiding the trap Bishop denier in the dossier on rehabilitation of the followers of Archbishop Lefebre? Many inside and outside the Vatican gave their response in these hours. But to understand more you needed to be last Sunday on a bus. On one of the two coaches that like every year starting from St. Peter's Square to reach the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls, for the celebration of the Feast of the Conversion of the Apostole of the Gentiles. The bus, or even close. Because from one of the first seat was exploding the deep voice of Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, prefect of the Congregation of Bishops. Almost a scream, "That Bungler!" (in italian "Pasticcion" - that sounds like "Castrillon") , The way to mangle the name of a fellow prelate, Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos. Yes, all the fault according to Re was made by Castrillòn -Bungler, which according to his fellow cardinal Re instructed the practice in a hurry so as not to miss the historical opportunity of closing the schism Lefebre. "Even to me," thundered Cardinal Re according to the other passengers of the bus (other prelates and bishops), "he gave us just few hours of time to put the needed signature. All because shortly Castrillòn (the "Bungler") turns 80 years old and he retires. If he didn't immediately close the dossier, would not have been up to him ...». According to the outburst of Cardinal Re "That text was leaking from all sides! On the other hand was written by Francesco Coccopalmerio (President of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts), who already is in quarrel with the Italian language ... In short, if you had waited a month and maybe break the news when you also developed a new legal status of lefebrians, it would be quite different and there would have not been exposed to this gaffe. " This was said by an angry- at least -Cardinal Re on his way to the function celebrating the conversion of Saint Paul. He provides us with details even in the face of questions of the guests. But then all was a fault of 'improvisation? Nobody knew the case of Archbishop Richard Williamson and his shock at the Swedish TV-interview in which he denied the extermination of Jews during the Second World War? Not at all! Said Re to the other travelers. Everithing was known to Castrillòn-Bungler. He knew, probably he didn't say anything to the Pope, and certainly underestimated the consequences. According to a report of one of the guests of the bus, Castrillon would contact the Superior General of lefebrians Monsignor Bernard Fellay, who would ensure that "one should not keep up with Williamson. He moreover came from the Anglican church, and says he does not want to enter the Catholic Church. But it is ill for some time, maybe have a few weeks of life, and he's not reasoning anymore. He come out of his mind every day, and I wonder how much things he will still say ...». A clinical case then, that does not give too much importance. Certainly, according to Re, artfully assembled by the media the next day, but "it was necessary to reckon with, and there was this terrible and unreasonable haste to Castrillon, avoidable, really avoidable.

That said, one can not help but notice a number of dark issues:

a. Castrillon had hidden the dossier to the Pope according to Re and Kasper, but if they knew why they haven't done their part denouncing this case to the Pope (and they are not alone according to what said by Arborelius)? Why they allowed this unprecedented exposure of the Pope? And why Re, who gave the tip to the Spanish blogger (before anyone could know) Francisco Jose Fernandez de La Cigüeña even on 17 January, has done nothing and he merely communicated something to the journalists Italia Oggi only after the event?

b. Also if we admit that Castrillon avoided talking about this issue, since there were dozens of report circulating on SSPX and since the act of remission of excommunication is to be understood as an act of mercy issued by the Pope, where is the fault in all this? The Church has the right to manage its internal affairs independently and it is undeniable that the quite far right positions of some members of the SSPX were clearly known to anyone. Nevertheless, and perhaps to induce the SSPX to the conversion on these issues was chosen the path of merciful reintegration . It remains the disruptive construction of the case by the Swedish TV and its propagation thanks to the complicity of the media around the world.

c. So: why the Swedish TV is so moved to compassion for the Church and the Pope to organize the interview to Williamson and to spread what he said in an outside broadcast in Germany: i.e. that he still believed in some of his assertions made in Canada in 1986 on the existence of gas chambers? We have to think that those journalists are the right arm of the Vatican investigators on reconciliation with the Lefebvrians? In short, the Swedes are informants or service to the Church (I highly doubt) or are good tools used by someone willingly (inside the Vatican) to destroy the image of Castrillon and block the reinstatement of the fraternity?

d. And again, why we have to think that Kasper and Arborelius are two pious men who've taken the trouble to complain to the Swedish TV that Castrillon had not informed the Pope? They needed the microphone of Ali Fegan to communicate these issues to the Pope?

e. And is acceptable that Kasper told us that thanks to him and his personal ties with the rabbis of half the world has managed to retrieve one of the most serious crisis between Catholicism and Judaism in recent years? It is acceptable that Kasper was capable - laughing slyly - to blame for this dust (that of January-February) Castrillon, a Cardinal and a brother in the cardinalate, and not to the jackals of the Swedish television or the arrogance of Bishop Williamson?

f. Father Lombardi may even be the future victim of this turbillon, in fact very much weakened compared to expectations, however it is undeniable that he have been put in trouble by himself. How can the Speaker of the Holy See Press Office speak by phone with journalist Fegan and say "for now I can not answer to your questions but I will answer by email"? And then send them an email in which he is like the three monkeys and says he didn't seen, didn't heard, didn't speak about the "report" on Williamson?

Fortunately, this whole story is much less impressive than expected. Nevertheless the responsibility of many come to the surface powerfully. But perhaps more than anything else, comes to the surface the powerful short-circuit in communication and identity of which the Catholic Church is now victim more than ever.

P.S. Someone has to advise Mons. Filoni that the first section of the Secretariat of State is deputed to mantain the relationship with the Nuncios and to manage the Press Office of the Holy See. So if the report was given by the Nuncio to someone, this someone has a name. That of Filoni!

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